The Salman Sufi Foundation

 is an independently run social welfare organization dedicated to women empowerment, equality, and social justice in Pakistan.
In light of the Sustainable Development Goals, and our organization’s inexhaustible commitment towards on-ground mobilization to bring the change Pakistan needs, we have launched four ground breaking projects across the country!
If you have enjoyed our contribution towards the cultural life of Pakistan, kindly support us as a partner/volunteer for the projects listed below:
Women on wheels is a movement where we provide women with free motorbike riding training along with facilitation with licenses, safety training and empowerment workshops. After our success in Sindh and Punjab we will be launching the project across Pakistan.
Saaf bath is a project tackling with Pakistan’s sanitation crisis by building toilet containers across Pakistan. This will especially facilitate women’s experience in the public sphere. Our pilot project includes launching container toilets in Lahore, Karachi, GB and Pishin.
Safe Campus Pakistan: owing to increase in instances of harassment across universities in pakistan, safe campus will act as a digital portal where individuals can file their complaint anonymously. We will also create a ranking system, marking them based on their treatment towards vulnerable students.
Violence Against Women Centre: after its success in Multan, SSF will be launching a one stop solution catering to the needs and rehabilitation of survivors of domestic abuse.

If you want to express your support towards the organisation and become a changemaker for Pakistan then contact us:


Phone: 0308-2935454


Twitter: @FoundationSufi