Cultural Initiatives

Cultural Initiatives

Aik Sham


Lack of appreciation of arts and culture in Pakistan especially the new generation is not connected with our golden past especially in the realm of music.

Art is a key component of any society’s cultural fabric yet it is scarcely celebrated in Pakistan


While art is emerging in Pakistan, it exists in its infancy. With this backdrop in mind, Aik Shaam is an important collaborative initiative with Alhamrah to preserve and appreciate arts. The aim is to hold monthly concerts/series celebrating iconic artists of yesteryear. The inaugural event of Aik Shaam introduced the audience to an iconic tribute of the legendary Farida Khanum by the maestro Ali Sethi and Hadiqa Kiani, the guest of honor for the event was Madam Farida Khannum

Lets Talk

#LetsTalk is a multifaceted digital platform launched by the Salman Sufi Foundation where people cannot only experience mental health support and counselling sessions from expert clinical psychologists but will also have the opportunity to interact with celebrated musicians, filmmakers, journalists and influencers from all walks of life across South Asia.