Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

WoW - Women on Wheels


Pakistani women are nearly 4 times as less mobile than men.

80 %

Women’s mobility is severely dependent upon public transport


Women Labor Force Participation is at an abysmal.


Women cite lack of transportation as a major hindrance towards full employment.


Of women have been harassed in public buses


WoW aims to peacefully reclaim public space for the active participation of women in public spaces without fear of violence, harassment or backlash.


The project includes free motorbike riding training, safety and empowerment workshops, development of a women’s safety app, and specialized sessions with potential employers in order to create a viable economic ecosystem for participants


Our goal is to train 500,000 women by 2025 by creating a self-sustainable economic ecosystem mainstreaming women’s mobility and participation the formal economy of Pakistan



Women trained in Punjab from 2016 - 2018

0 +

Women trained in Karachi alone in the year 2019-2020.


Subsidized motorbikes distributed to women in Punjab across 5 districts.

0 %

Of Women employed through WoW in areas of logistics, food delivery, sales representatives.

0 %

Of our WoW trainees have cited a decrease in harassment since they have started to drive their own motorbikes.

0 %

Of WoW Trainees have cited an improvement in their self esteem and self confidence.

Future Target

250,000 Training for women to learn how to ride motorbikes by 2025.

Violence Against Women Center



Women globally experience sexual or physical violence


Women raped, 11 battered and assaulted in Punjab (DIG Investigations Branch 2013).


Conviction rate in Punjab for Gender Based Violence Cases.


Pakistan ranks sixth on the list of world’s most dangerous countries for women


Worst performing country in the world with regards to Gender Discrimination (Thomas Reuters 2018)


The innovative Violence Against Women Center offers a unique solution across the whole of South Asia regarding effective justice delivery mechanisms for survivors of gender based violence. VAWC offers a 24 hour service along with a toll free helpline which ensures GBV survivors have access to all justice delivery mechanisms such as Police, Medico-legal facilities, Psychologists, Prosecutors as well as Mediation. The first Center was established in Multan with an aim to expand these centers across all 36 districts of Punjab. Recently the Government of Sindh has also shown keen interest in the establishment of VAWC in Sindh in collaboration with UNWomen


0 +

Resolved cases related to Gender Based Violence in a period of two years

0 /7

Round the Clock Service


ONLY country in South Asia to create a one stop model to tackle gender based violence